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I hate to say that I'm a walking contradiction because it is such a cliche. Look at half a dozen MySpace profiles and someone's bound to have used that phrase as though they were the first -and maybe even only - ingenious human being to come up with that. The irony of it is that I actually thought that I was the creator of that little piece of verbal magic that sums me up so well! So if I say that I'm a living, breathing juxtapostion, hopefully you'll get what I mean. And this time, it's all my own. You heard it here first!

Angel’s Slice of the Pie #20: Living La Vida Lockdown

Hope everyone is doing OK after the last few months we’ve had to endure. Lockdown rules are starting to be relaxed in various parts of the world, and this is being met with mixed reactions. Not to mention confusion! Life as we’ve known it these last few months is coming to an end… at least we hope it is. Some people have had a terrible time being stuck at home, not being able to visit their families, socialize, or go to work (for those who love their jobs!) At some point we’ve all felt the effects of having to self-quarantine, especially for the length of time that we’ve had to stay at home.

DVD Screenshot

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How Times Change: Old School Lounge Wear

How many of us these days give much thought to ‘at-home wear?’ And by that we don’t mean holey T-shirts, stained sweaters, and paint splattered jeans! Before the 1990s, at-home wear was a section of our wardrobes that bridged the gap between day clothes and sleep clothes – something seldom seen today – and was so much more than just old clothes that we shoved to the bottom of the wardrobe.

Photgraphed from Littlewoods Catalogue 1978

For decades, stay-at-home clothes – probably classified as lounge wear today – was worn for feeling comfortable while at home, but still presentable enough for visitors (which we know is a definite no-no right now!) Not necessarily worn outside the home, at-home wear consisted of clothes you could wear while working around the house, relaxing, or entertaining guests, and these garments were quite popular probably up until the beginning of the nineties when people became ultra laid-back and casual (and OK, a bit boring – maybe even sloppy!) and didn’t bother so much with specific ‘at-home’ clothes.

We take a look at some of the at-home trends of yesteryear.

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A Thriller of a Series (pt.ii)

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The second part of our review of seventies cult classic mystery and suspense anthology TV show, Thriller.


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A Thriller of a Series

At Nostalgia Pie, we love our mystery and suspense TV series and movies. Life doesn’t feel complete unless there’s a whodunnit to solve! If you’re a fan of Tales of the Unexpected or Alfred Hitchcock Presents, then you’ll love Thriller – the British mystery and suspense anthology series that was first broadcast on UK screens 14th April 1973. But despite being a hit in Britain and America, it seems Thriller was given just one repeat on British television before it mysteriously faded away, with a lot of people born after the seventies not knowing much about this amazing show. But Thriller still has a legion of fans and has become something of a cult classic.

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Angel’s Slice of the Pie #9: My Vintage Cookbook Collection

Hi Nostalgiacs!

This week’s Angel’s Slice of the Pie has been inspired by a conversation I had with my friend MJ where we were talking about our collection of vintage cook books (I promise you, our conversations are a lot more rivetting than they sound!) It’s no secret that I collect vintage magazines. It is one of my absolute passions and it is through this interest that I met MJ – also an avid collector himself – and a few other people I have become well acquainted with. But what a lot of people don’t know is that I also collect vintage cook books and I get very excited when I find one to add to my collection (I do have a life – honest!)

I don’t know when I made the conscious decision to collect cook books. I was always surrounded by them when I was growing up. In the living room of our very first house in East London, we had book cases which took up almost half the length of our flock-wallpapered through-lounge. You could easily tell which books belonged to whom just by looking at the subject matter..

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A Dedicated Man by the ‘Other Elizabeth Taylor!’

A Dedicated Man, based on the short story by Elizabeth Taylor, starring Joan Plowright and Alec McCowen, was the first episode of a TV anthology called All For Love. It was first shown in the UK in 1982 before being shown on PBS in America as part of their Masterpiece Theatre series.


A workaholic, dedicated to his job and separated from his wife, persuades a colleague to pose as his wife in order to secure a post at an upmarket hotel. The new ‘wife’ gets too involved in the charade which ultimately leads to trouble…


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How Things Have Changed: Keeping in Touch For Ex-Pats

For those of us who live abroad, when it comes to keeping in touch with family and friends, there’s never been a better time to live in another country than right here in the twenty first century. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp… every day, it seems, there’s a new app we have to download or a new site we have to use which all the cool kids are using to keep in touch with their mates. Word! And if you really want to go back to being fairly old school, there’s always email and texting!

But way, way, back in the day, even before we had what we thought was the greatest invention since the wheel – good ol’ electronic mail – there were other methods of communicating with our not so nearest but still very much dearest, which at the time were essential for keeping in touch. The problem was that they were either costly or time consuming, which meant that people very rarely kept in touch with anyone who wasn’t family or a close friend. Now we can keep in touch with ;Colonel Mustard; Mr. Bun the baker, and the lady who gets the bus at the same time we used to if we want to, thanks to all those new modes of communication.

We take a look at some of the old school methods of staying in touch, even though there’s not really much chance of us ever using them again… Well not unless nostalgia gets the better of us…

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