Pacers: The Sweetest Memory

06 May

How I managed to forget all about Pacers, I will never know. My sister and I used to scoff these little cubes of deliciousness like nobody’s business. Perhaps the discontinuation of our favourite sweet was so traumatic we erased all memory of it from our little infant brains. Had I remembered, it definitely would have made my Top Twenty Sweet Treats From My Childhood list. Talk about a blast from the past!



Although I cannot explain my memory lapse, as soon as I stumbled across them on a site last week, the memory hit me like a tidal wave. Suddenly it was a case of ‘OMG! I remember these! Where have they been all my life?’

Pacers started out life in the 1970s but soon became a 1980s casualty. For those of you who can’t remember Pacers, they were a spearmint flavoured confection produced by Mars. These little white cubes of minty goodness were very similar to Chewits or Fruitella, and they were in fact initially called Opal Mints; a mintier version to it’s more tangy counterpart Opal Fruits. However the product was later revamped with a new name ‘Pacers’ and a new image to boot as three green stripes were added to the plain white cubes – which is exactly as I remember them.


Unfortunately, I have no recollection of the commercials but I understand that there was a big advertising campaign for Pacers, with a lot of it being sports related; in fact at one time the Glasgow Celtic football team were nicknamed “The Pacers” due to their kit being a similar colour to the sweets.

Coming across Pacers again was a lot like bumping into an old friend you hadn’t seen or thought about since childhood but happily recognising them again instantly. I’m also thrilled that like with Banjo, there is also a Facebook group called Bring Back Pacers. “Where did they go?” they ask, “we want them back.”




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