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Bring Back Banjo!

It always amazes me when I realise that I’m not the only one who remembers some no longer talked about item from my childhood. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that there is a campaign in action trying to relaunch a long forgotten chocolate bar.

Not too long ago, I posted Top Twenty Sweet Treats From My Childhood. One bit of sugary goodness that was featured was the little mentioned Banjo which I remember oh so fleetingly from ‘back in the day’. Well it seems that I’m not the only one who remembers this 80s chocolate bar. A group on Facebook called Bring Back Banjo Chocolate Bar have set up a petition to um, bring back Banjo chocolate bar! So far their page has received 316 likes (yes I’m included!) Their aim is to convince MARS that there is indeed a high enough demand to get Banjo back into production.



So check out their page and help to make their mission a success. Who knows may be Banjo will be an even bigger hit second time around – and I’ll get a little bit of my childhood back.



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Tears For Boston


Nostalgia Pie changes direction from it’s usually skippety-skip type posts and how I wish it hadn’t. The bomb blasts that occurred at the Boston Marathon on 15th April 2013 shocked, saddened and disgusted the entire world and I feel compelled to share my thoughts even if it isn’t necessarily nostalgic or dripping with feel good sentiments.

Beautiful Boston

Beautiful Boston

It is beyond belief that what should have been a fun day out and a chance to raise money and awareness for some well deserving charities should culminate in such a senseless act of violence which has claimed the lives of three people – one of whom is an eight year old boy – and seriously injured countless others. How ironic that good intentions should contrast sharply with evil actions. The images that are being shown around the world and the reports that are coming through are so disturbing that I can’t bear that for the sake of my own sanity I have had to switch off. Which raises the issue that if I feel this way then the suffering of those directly affected by the blast is just too much to contemplate.


As far as American cities go, Boston is not as high profile as some of it’s more talked about counterparts which makes it that much harder to understand why Boston was targeted for such a gruesome act. But that’s not to say that Boston is a city with little significance as it is famed for it’s colleges as well as its historical and cultural heritage which attracts millions of tourists a year. But one of the reasons for which I will always be grateful to Boston is because it’s the city which brought us New Kids On The Block; my first ever childhood crush and it is because of them that I developed a huge fascination with Massachusetts’ capital city. During my teen years, it was my secret ambition to move (admittedly in the hope that I might bump into my idols) and it’s still on my list of places to see.

Boston sure knew how to throw a great Tea Party!

Boston sure knew how to throw a great Tea Party!

As a matter of fact, NKOTB’s Joe McIntyre was running in the marathon in a bid to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association and it has been reported that Joe narrowly missed the explosion. His very worried friend and bandmate, Donnie Wahlberg, took to Twitter in order to discover his friend’s whereabouts. Thankfully Joe was safe but he and the other New Kids as well as Donnie’s younger brother, Mark, have all expressed their utter despair at the atrocities that has hit their hometown.

NKOTB: the original and best boy band ever!

NKOTB: the original and best boy band ever!

Everyone who knows me will know that I am always banging on about how great life was ‘back in the day.’ It wasn’t. There were just as many social and political problems back then too. The difference was that I was too young to fully understand what was happening. However, I do vehemently believe that the mentality of people has changed a great deal and there’s definitely a lot less generosity and compassion in the world today. Who in their right mind would think it is acceptable to plant explosives where people were running for good causes… where children and elderly people were likely to be present… where innocent people were likely to be killed? People who just don’t care and that is exactly what is wrong with the world today.

NKOTB's Joe McIntyre turns marathon man!

NKOTB’s Joe McIntyre turns marathon man!

My heart truly goes out to the victims; their familes and friends and all those who call Boston home. Please keep those affected by the atrocities in your thoughts – and pray that such mindless atrocities will cease to occur.



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